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Tomcat Orange was born out of the need of SMEs and larger organizations to respond swiftly and efficiently to global IT challenges. We have developed an adaptive approach that enables our clients to address security and digital transformation developments in a highly agile and flexible way. Our strategy is focused on delivering solutions that enable businesses to take advantage of market opportunities and scale toward goals.

Security has always been an integral part of Tomcat Orange’s philosophy. In our experience having a sustainable and robust security posture is a necessary condition for successfully navigating the challenges in a dynamic world. We develop a holistic understanding of the IT and business needs of our clients through the prism of comprehensive security arrangements built-in by design so that our customers can embrace change and transformation with a piece of mind.

Driving transformation and navigating through change requires a shared vision and sustained approach built on trust. Moreover, building meaningful partnerships is our way to facilitate alignment of IT and business goals – a key factor that is increasingly setting industry leaders apart.

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