Our vision, starts with your vision.

Principles we follow to guide us in fulfilling our mission.

Partnership – Transactional relationships are a thing of the past. At Tomcat Orange we envision building partnerships founded on shared understanding of business goals and objectives. We care about the tangible results our work brings to our customers.

Simplicity – We believe that, often, the best solution to a complex issue is the simplest one. Optimizing time and resources is embedded in our project design DNA.

Empowerment – Business organizations strive to be free to grow and scale unhindered by outside constraints. We like to think of ourselves as arming organizations with the right technology tools to successfully fulfill their goals.

Security – We believe that fear and uncertainty can contaminate the creative energies and innovative thinking that have fueled the realization of ground-breaking products and services. That’s why security comes first and that’s a must.

Our vision is to empower our clients with the ability to leverage the power of our technology, trust and collaboration to drive their business success. We strive to be the trusted technology partner of choice that enables our clients to achieve their mission-critical objectives.

Thomas Zetsche, CEO

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