Service Level Management

Service levels are managed and reported monthly to ensure smooth infrastructure management.

Tomcat Orange Service Levels are always based on customer requirements and the targets defined are directly derived from the business process needs for availability and integrity of the underlying infrastructure.

Our Service Level Agreement is defined, documented, and agreed upon as a starting point for the managed service we provide. We monitor, measure, and evaluate the service levels constantly and report on the outcome on a monthly basis. The service levels are subject to review by a shared forum.

Agile SLAs allow for changes to the service levels during the lifecycle adding flexibility and speed to the services delivered. This enables us to optimally support and integrate DevOps and Agile IT into our managed services.

What are the benefits?

Improved customer satisfaction: Tomcat Orange helps to set setting clear expectations for service quality and availability.
Increased accountability: Ensure that agreed-upon service levels are met, and that all parties are committed to delivering high-quality IT services.
Increased transparency: Improves decision-making about service improvement initiatives.
Legal protection: An SLA can serve as a legally binding contract, protecting both parties from disputes and ensuring that service level expectations are met.


Periodic reporting
Performance monitoring

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