Project Management

Agile or Waterfall, you can be sure of
an excellent end result.

Our management expert can deliver and coordinate projects either through a waterfall methodology (Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBOK)) or via an agile methodology (Scrum) or a hybrid multi-dimensional approach integrating components from waterfall, agile, and theory of constraints (TOC) based methodologies.​

The initial implementation of the customer service and significant changes to the service delivery are subject to project management. Any other customer project can be either driven by or participated in by Tomcat Orange project management and engineering teams.​

Every project approach is different and will be defined by customer budget, commitment, contract type, and customer type. Based on the chosen path, duration, goals, pace, procedures, resources, team features, and desired level of ambiguity will be defined.

What are the benefits?

Increased efficiency and productivity: Our experienced project management team have a proven track record to complete projects on time, within budget, and with high quality, leading to improved efficiency and productivity.
Improved communication and collaboration: Our approach focuses on facilitating effective communication and collaboration among project stakeholders, leading to better decision making and improved outcomes.
Enhanced risk management: Risk assessment and mitigation are embedded processes in our project management philosophy, reducing the likelihood of project failures and delays.
Improved customer satisfaction: Tomcat Orange employes in a result-oriented philosophy in managing customer expectations and satisfaction.making and improved outcomes.

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